The Leaven of the Christians

Real Bread

How do you get dough to rise?  We moderns are used to yeast in small packets, and in plentiful supply.  Much modern bread manufacture depends on it. I use the term ‘manufacture’ here with precision, and as someone with some personal knowledge of how modern mass-market sliced bread is, these days, become the main kind of bread that we find in our supermarkets. 

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Bread for the World

Supper at Emmaus. Caravaggio, 1601

I first saw Caravaggio’s Supper at Emmaus at the National Art Gallery in London when I was eight.  I had an aunt, who was an artist and art teacher, and being the only member of her family remotely interested in art and books, I was the convenient excuse for a trip to any new exhibition. I don’t remember what we were supposed to be seeing that day, but do remember being profoundly captivated by Dutch Masters, Flemish scenes and this extraordinary painting.

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